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The Diamond of Performance Management

SafetyCircle Culture, Leadership

Leaders at Zoos Victoria, TasRail and Cairns Regional Council are in action with SafetyCircle’s simple tool.

The cultural transformation these leading Australian organisations were looking for included enabling leaders to performance manage their people more effectively; especially when there are breaches of Work Health and Safety policies, rules and procedures.

In Human Resources departments across Australia, New Zealand and USA we keep hearing the same complaints. “The supervisors are hopeless at having the tough conversations that they need to have. They keep hand-balling them to us! And then they haven’t made any records of conversations they have had!”

In too many organisations it’s the same: nag, nag, nag…then give up and why can’t we get rid of him/her!

Working with Human Resources and senior leaders we had the SafetyCircle “Diamond” approved and rolled out through the 3 Day SafetyCircle Leadership Development Program [a one page summary of disciplinary processes and positive recognition approaches] – so it mirrored and simplified the notoriously long and ignored performance management and disciplinary processes.

The “Diamond” approach is explained and practiced in one of the SafetyCircle Leadership Development Program sessions called “Draw the Line”. As committed SafetyCirclers know, ‘the line’ is the choice-boundary between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour/risk/controls.

Through the sessions with over 1000 workplace leaders to date, the “Diamond” has received praise for clarifying a previously bewildering process within organisations.

People tell us about The Coaching Diamond all the time: “It makes it do-able.” and “What a relief!”

Along with the simple SafetyCircle language and prompts, leaders are reporting remarkable results from engaging with workers through Diamond conversations. Instead of “dealing with difficult people” they are now having “straight conversations” – telling it like it is, drawing the line and getting agreement.

For SafetyCircle clients who have not had the “Draw the Line” process in their workplace and would like it, please contact your SafetyCircle Leader (Michael, Martyn or Oliver) to see how to get it into your SafetyCircle Leadership development.