Short Videos

What’s the goal of WHS

Michael Roberts shares how the goal of Work Health and Safety is all about: Home Safe and Well.

Why Manage WHS?

Martyn Bradfield explores the main reasons companies and organisations manage WHS – then uncovers the real reasons people do or don’t participate.

What’s in it for me?

Andrew McGowan looks at what’s at stake for participating in the SafetyCircle.®

What is SafetyCircle®?

Co-creators Michael Roberts and Martyn Bradfied discuss what is the SafetyCircle.®

Client Experiences

Engineering a Positive Safety Culture – Ben Rolliston

Fabrications Manager from Saunders and Ward, Ben Rolliston, speaks strongly about the benefits of taking on the SafetyCircle to shift their work health and safety culture.

Building a positive culture and saving people and money

SafetyCircle Client Experience – Catherine Viney CEO Cosmos – Community Mental Health Support — Catherine shares her organisations impressive engagement with SafetyCircle thinking.

A Managing Director’s views on SafetyCircle

James Rose, Managing Director of Skretting Australia, a bulk aquaculture feed manufacturer, shares his views on why he continues to ensure SafetyCircle is working and refreshed in his business.

SafetyCircle – making road-work safer for years

Roadways CEO Phil Sydney & and WHS Officer Sid Prickett share the benefits of SafetyCircle in a high risk work environment.

SafetyCircle – the perspective of two employees – Simon & Michelle of COSMOS

Two employees of Cosmos – mental health support service – share their views on how SafetyCircle relates to them and their colleagues.

Why SafetyCircle? Transend electricity company’s WHS Coordinator Steven Pike

Steve Pike, WHS Officer, explains the range of reasons and benefits that had electricity company Transend choose, commit to and continue with SafetyCircle.

SafetyCircle – a Human Resources Officer’s perspective – Skretting Australia – Terry McDonnell

HR Manager Terry McDonnell of aquaculture feed manufacturer Skretting Australia shares his thoughts about his company’s commitment to SafetyCircle.