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SafetyCircle is designed for all workplaces. Using direct language and straight-forward ideas, SafetyCircle programs build positive Work Health and Safety (WHS) culture in organisations… read more

The SafetyCircle Program.

  • The SafetyCircle Program – this is our premier product. A full diagnostic, customised, measured, cultural shift program that especially develops real leadership through a powerful 7 session SafetyCircle Leadership Program. This works best for organisations who are deeply committed to the Home Safe and Well goal and willing to have the hard conversations and make the tough choices needed to transform WHS culture into a positive and powerful business asset.
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  • Simplify your “Old Health and Safety”

    Over the past 20 years OHS has grown into a monster for many organisations. Through genuine efforts to reduce injuries OHS has become prone to over-the-top, complex paper warfare, often diverting attention from practical risk management. Workers complain and switch off. Leaders roll their eyes at the next audit or OHS training schedule and get lost in the sea of compliance issues. Conversations abound including, “More butt-covering?” “Boring.” “Why do we have to do all this now?” “Just get it done to pass the audit.”

    SafetyCircle cuts through this mess. By straightening out people’s thinking around health and safety, their participation becomes genuine. They speak-up and challenge unworkable processes and paperwork; instead of shutting up, resenting and bypassing them.

  • Make it Positive

    By truly engaging participants in a positive concept of work health and safety we bring them into 21st Century thinking: “WHS is about me going Home Safe and Well so I can enjoy life fully. It’s about all of us doing that.” So people report hazards and near-misses more; follow the rules and procedures; and do risk assessments as if their life and limbs depend on them – because they do!

Watch James Rose Safety Circle video testimonial
“SafetyCircle teaches a whole new language around safety and workplace engagement.”James Rose, Managing Director, Skretting Australia
Watch Ben Rolliston Safety Circle video testimonial
“The simple ‘Am I inside the Circle now?’ is adapted into most trains of thought.”Ben Rolliston, Fabrication Manager, Saunders and Ward
Watch Brenton Stead Safety Circle video testimonial
“A simple understandable system that can be presented to any individuals, regardless of their point of view and it will cut through.”Brenton Stead, North West Operations Manager, Roadways Limited
Watch Steven Pike Safety Circle video testimonial
“SafetyCircle is one of the most engaging and interactive courses that our staff have ever attended.”Steven Pike, Safety Coordinator, Transend

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