Effective Field Coaching Program

This program is designed to advance the WHS skills, knowledge and abilities of participants. This course is relevant for anyone leading teams of people and with leadership responsibilities around Workplace Health and Safety.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  1. Understand the SafetyCircle safety culture program and language and will be confident to interrupt unsafe acts.
  2. Deliver a My Reason share to demonstrate the ability to personalise WHS.
  3. Understand how to shift culture and understand the process of documenting WHS improvements to support this cultural shift.
  4. Understand the key principles of risk management and then apply dynamic risk assessment to the management of a risk.
  5. Understand the Coaching diamond and apply the diamond in a limited context via
  6. the preparation of a structured WHS interaction.
  7. Understand the principles of effective communication, recognise the impact of different levels of listening and apply the three skills of positive communication in a limited context.
  8. Understand the process of using a circle board to manage a risk in a risk-relevant way and develop a resulting action plan.